Fish Central


I went to Fish Central on a busy Friday evening with some friends. It is tucked away from the busy City Road at a quiet spot; as where most city gems are found! I randomly came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor and saw the amazing reviews given consistently. As a seafood lover, how can I miss this!

Anyhow, it was established in 1968 – Quite rare to see in London, where restaurants come and go; replaced by new cafes, bars, or shops and so on. With restaurants with a long family history background, E Pellicci on Bethnal Green Road and Arthur’s Cafe on Kingsland Road spring to mind.

As expected, the food was excellent. Portions were a lot bigger than London’s standards.It seemed to be the norm that every table would receive a free starter plate, which was salmon fishcakes (Delicious). Unfortunately, I was too excited and immersed in the amazing seafood experience that I forgot to take other photos other than my scallops starter. I hope this would suffice.


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