Food and Drink Expo 2016 at NEC, Birmingham

NEC in Birmingham showcased Food and Drink Expo just last week on the 18th-20th of April. It is only a B2B event, which meant I would have to forge a supplier pass in order to see the tricks and secrets of the food and beverage industry. Who knew that farmed salmon is actually grey? And that chicken is given a chlorine bath? (See here)

Unfortunately, I am not as brave as Joanna Blythmann who used a fake ID to get into the Food Ingredients trade show in Frankfurt.

Secrets aside, it’s not all bad news. This year’s Food and Drink Expo saw the success of The Biomaster antibacterial ‘Bag for Life’, which won the Foodex’s Best New Idea award. According to PRW, ‘The Biomaster bag for life contains in-built technology proven to inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria and help prevent cross-contamination. It inhibits the growth of microbes such as campylobacter, salmonella and listeria.’ On Biomaster’s website, it says that their Bag for Life works by preventing germs on food packaging transferring onto your shopping bag, then your kitchen etc. Their website also state that, ‘A recent Food Standards Agency report found that 7% of the outer packaging of chicken sold in supermarkets also tested positive for Campylobacter.’ At only £2, it’s value for money. (Buy it here)


Nim’s, a Kent based brand has also succeeded in the same award category. Adam Leyler, the editor of The Grocer gave his opinion that “the crisps were a real technical achievement.” According to Nim’s website, their production process ensures that the crisps retain as much nutritional value, and have as much of an authentic taste as non-dried vegetables. This seems to be a great alternative for devoted snackers, or even someone like me who sometimes finds it annoying and boring to eat a big bowl of vegetables for my five-a-day. More so, this is essentially raw vegetables which is even better because so many vitamins are lost from the cooking process. (Buy it here)


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