Seafood Expo, Brussels

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Security pressure was on full swing for Seafood Expo which was held from 26-28th of April, only a month after the terrorist attacks. HB Grandi, Iceland’s largest fishing company, decided not to take part due to safety concerns. (Press and Journal)

They faced a cancellation rate amongst exhibitors at 5%; and even though some exhibitors pulled out at the last minute, they were still able to maintain the same level as last year’s event. (Fish Update) Nevertheless, the expo tightened up security measures and went ahead with their event which normally attracts 26,000 buyers, suppliers, media, and other seafood professionals from more than 140 countries.

Liz Plizga, Group Vice President for Diversified Communications, organiser of the exposition, says that “The exposition gathers the seafood industry’s decision-makers and purchasers from around the world and both suppliers and buyers anticipate this event all year. A situation like this will have an impact, but exhibitors and buyers recognise the value in having this annual exposition to conduct their business at the global level.” (Seafood Expo)

In 2015, more than 82 percent of surveyed visitors were involved in purchasing decisions, 80 percent planned on buying products or services as a result of attending the event and 86 percent found new products or companies.

An Ahold buyer explains, “As a buyer, this event is important because it gives me the opportunity to meet and speak with my suppliers and get new leads in one place during a limited time.  It is also offers a chance to see new trends, innovations and products.”


At this year’s expo, Kagerer & Co. of Munich, Germany and Freshpack of Saint Martin les Boulogne, France won the top prizes in the Seafood Excellence Global awards. The 39 finalists from 15 countries who were competing for the award were judged on taste and overall eating experience, packaging, marketability, convenience, nutritional value, and innovation. The top award for best retail product was given to Kagerer & Co. The winning product was their Dim Sum –  Quick ‘n’ Easy, a combination of three types of classic Asian dumplings: Har Gow, Siu Mai, Gyoza –  that can be quickly steamed or microwaved and served with their own dipping sauce. (Or dip it in your own soy sauce/ chilli oil)


Freshpack won the grand prize for best HORECA product for its high pressure shelled raw king crab meat. Raw king crab legs are completely extracted from their shells using this technology, then individually vacuum packed and frozen. The product gives the restaurant operator the opportunity to offer dishes with a taste and texture similar to those made with live king crab that has been freshly cooked. The judges commented on the flavor and juiciness of the product and the convenience of the individual leg packs. (PRWeb)

If you’d like to check out the list of finalists and award entrants, click here.

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