Lorighittas: With the simplest sauce EVER


My friends and I went to Tutti a Tavola  last weekend to learn how to make pasta. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I still have time to add to my new year’s resolution.

*Instead of watching food videos on YouTube, actually go to cooking lessons to learn something in real life*

It cost £25 per person, which is very cheap compared to most other cooking lessons in London as they tend to average around £90+.

We were taught by Silvana who belongs to the 4th generation of a pasta makers’ family in Naples. She specialises in making pasta entirely by hand.

We were lucky enough to be able to attend as our lesson was Silvana’s last, she is going to be working with BBC2 soon.

Silvana explained that pasta from Northern Italy tends to be made from a sheet of dough (Like Lasagna sheet). Whereas in Southern Italy, pasta is made individually (Like Macaroni). We were taught how to make Lorighittas, which originates from Sardinia. They weren’t the easiest to make as you will see why. Here’s a photo from Google:


And here’s a photo of our lorighitta. (In the SIMPLEST sauce known to man kind. To be revealed.)


Please excuse the aesthetics, I know it looks like a pile of crap but as you may know, sometimes the most delicious things in life are ugly as hell.

I didn’t realise Sundays’ lessons are gluten-free. Silvana told us it took her 10 years to figure out the perfect balance for making gluten free pasta! I never knew that much about gluten before, all I knew was that 1) Many people can’t have it 2) Gluten-free bread tastes like shit.

So, I learned that gluten is a type of protein which helps to bind things together through its glue-like consistency when mixed wth water. It also gives dough elasticity.

Making pasta is much harder than it looks (to me anyway), and making gluten free pasta was even harder because the dough was either too wet or it kept on breaking off when I was trying to braid it!

It took me so long to use up all the dough and I didn’t realise I had been doing them ALL WRONG until I was on the fcking last piece.

Anyway, the sauce was absolutely sensational. It was so delicious and it was the simplest thing I have ever come across. I found the sauce so inspirational that I decided to buy the EATALY book.

The ingredients:
1) Grated Pecorino Romano 2) Black pepper 3) Starch water from cooking the pasta
All mixed together, and mix it in with the cooked pasta.

Such a beautiful sauce and it requires minimal effort. Perfect for weeknight dinners or dinner parties!






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