100 Hoxton: Full English with an Asian Twist

100 hoxton.jpg

Being Chinese, brunch or “brunch food” was never really a part of my life. It was either congee (or microwaved dim sum lol) for breakfast or noodles/rice for lunch.

My first intro to brunch started off with a Full English around 7 years ago. Not too long after I moved to the UK, on a Sunday afternoon being hungover af.

Now, I am much more sophisticated compared to my pre-London days. There are a wide variety of great brunch spots to choose from in London. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed pretty much every brunch I’ve had while living here.

But 100 Hoxton still remains my absolute favourite because their brunch menu blends together international cuisines effortlessly. Elements of Korean, Japanese, Greek, Indian, and American dishes are put together in one dish in unexpected ways.

I feel like quite a few restaurants try too hard to force other cuisines into a dish, and the end result being: a cultural mess and confusingly unauthentic. Eager to find out the mastermind behind this cultural culinary experience, I took a look at their website and came across the description of their Executive Chef that epitomises all of the USPs of the menu.

“Originally from Mindoro in the Philippines, Francis “Ace” Puyat came to London with his parents in 1997 and immediately set about taking on the London culinary establishment.

Initially trained in classical French styles of cooking, his first role was as an events chef for the Absolute Taste group and various positions in their restaurant properties. Picked up by Yotam Ottolenghi’s NOPI in 2011, Francis has flourished and developed his great love of Eastern spices and Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Francis has designed a menu that puts flavour – both complex and bold – at the centre of everything.”

*Lightbulb moment* – no wonder!

I had their Big Breakfast (as shown in photo) during my latest visit. The name Big Breakfast is so unassuming because I naturally related this to a standard Full English the first time I ever had it (Not during my latest visit)

The key differences being:

Instead of bacon, there’s pork belly. Instead of bubble and squeak, there’s a mixture of onion hash, and rocket salad with mint, coriander and chilli. There was salsa on the side to go with the sourdough, Jalepeno dressing on fried eggs and some very nicely seasoned mushrooms.

I also had their Gorgeous juice, made with passion fruit, raspberry, apple, and cranberry.


The atmosphere is equally as positive and unique as the dining experience. Their  “Industrial Chic” interiors and uplifting brunch music (Mixture of hip hop, soft rock and electronic) give off a very relaxed vibe and it is perfect for weekend brunches.

They also have branches in Islington and Kensington which I’ve yet to try. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in any of those areas!






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