100 Hoxton: Full English with an Asian Twist

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Being Chinese, brunch or “brunch food” was never really a part of my life. It was either congee (or microwaved dim sum lol) for breakfast or noodles/rice for lunch.

My first intro to brunch started off with a Full English around 7 years ago. Not too long after I moved to the UK, on a Sunday afternoon being hungover af.

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Street Feast, Dalston Yard

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Sunshine, music and food (and alcohol) – the ultimate summer combo. It seems so long ago since I was dressed in my warm weather attire while feeling a bit too full, and feeling a bit too drunk.

The weather has not been too great as of yet, but Street Feast at Dalston Yard is set to open again for the summer on the weekend of 29th April to brighten up the end of our typical gloomy English spring.

They have not announced a full list of traders on their website, but they are scheduled to feature 16 traders of different cuisines from all over the world; ranging from Korean to Mexican. They will also have 12 bars – 12!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 19.05.00.png
Gin cocktails from Street Feast 2015

If you’re stuck for ideas on deciding what to eat this weekend, head to Street Feast and take your pick!

5pm to midnight
Hartwell Street
E8 3DU
Free before 7pm, £3 after

Ittenbari in Soho

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Growing up in Hong Kong means I was born a noodle addict. Soba, Ho Fun, Udon, Won Ton, Hokkien, Vermicelli, you name it – I love them all.

Moving to London has somehow enriched my love for noodles even more. When you are away from home, I guess it is normal to obsess over the food that you could so easily eat at home.

Well luckily, as London offers so many culinary options, I am able to slurp my way through the city. And the place that I love slurping in, is Ittenbari in Soho. Its appearance is understated compared to Shoryu across the street. But don’t be fooled, not all good things come in a fancy package.

Ittenbari is my favorite ramen restaurant in London. Reason being it is relatively cheap (£8.9 a bowl of ramen, compared to £10+ at other places) but it is still authentic. It seems that Time Out also agrees, “For £8.90 a bowl though, diners may be able to overlook the culinary and decor defects and instead appreciate a very filling bowl of noodles.” Me being a noodle freak, I usually order extra noodles on the side, rather than going Delux (Extra Meat).

Their Shoyu Ramen’s broth is sweet and light. It is easy to taste the goodness oozing from the meats which were used to make the broth. The light fattiness from the meats wraps around the springy and eggy ramen perfectly, making it ultra easy to slurp – proper Japanese style. The Menma (Fermented bamboo shoots) goes extremely well with the broth, and the marinated egg is absolute heaven. The runniness of the yolk is to crave for.

84 Brewer St, London W1F 9UB.

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Fish Central


I went to Fish Central on a busy Friday evening with some friends. It is tucked away from the busy City Road at a quiet spot; as where most city gems are found! I randomly came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor and saw the amazing reviews given consistently. As a seafood lover, how can I miss this!

Anyhow, it was established in 1968 – Quite rare to see in London, where restaurants come and go; replaced by new cafes, bars, or shops and so on. With restaurants with a long family history background, E Pellicci on Bethnal Green Road and Arthur’s Cafe on Kingsland Road spring to mind.

As expected, the food was excellent. Portions were a lot bigger than London’s standards.It seemed to be the norm that every table would receive a free starter plate, which was salmon fishcakes (Delicious). Unfortunately, I was too excited and immersed in the amazing seafood experience that I forgot to take other photos other than my scallops starter. I hope this would suffice.