Recipe: Cod wrapped in Pancetta with Spinach and Curry Mash

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This is my favourite dish to make because it is delicious, and it just looks so impressive! It is very easy to make it look pretty. I am not good at making food look nice at all, so this is perfect for me. This also happens to be one of the easiest dishes to make, and not to mention its cooking time beats Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute mark.

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Fish Central


I went to Fish Central on a busy Friday evening with some friends. It is tucked away from the busy City Road at a quiet spot; as where most city gems are found! I randomly came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor and saw the amazing reviews given consistently. As a seafood lover, how can I miss this!

Anyhow, it was established in 1968 – Quite rare to see in London, where restaurants come and go; replaced by new cafes, bars, or shops and so on. With restaurants with a long family history background, E Pellicci on Bethnal Green Road and Arthur’s Cafe on Kingsland Road spring to mind.

As expected, the food was excellent. Portions were a lot bigger than London’s standards.It seemed to be the norm that every table would receive a free starter plate, which was salmon fishcakes (Delicious).¬†Unfortunately, I was too excited and immersed in the amazing seafood experience that I forgot to take other photos other than my scallops starter. I hope this would suffice.